• Dušan Mravec(awarded visual artist)
  • Cheetah Outreach, South Africa(sanctuary supporting survival of endangered cheetahs in Africa)
  • Susan Marie Olmetti(abstract artist)

    Statement of Abstract Artist, Susan Olmetti:" I can never imagine, or even expect, any one person to feel the exact same emotion that I feel when I create a painting. The understanding that I am leaning towards is for my viewer to be able to reach into the aftermath of my internal dreams and feel in their heart the positive effect of a negative thought which always leads me to the path I find which brings my soul to rest. My art work is a love that came from God and a faith which is divine, and in that faith He keeps me sane - his password and his sign. "

  • Oáza Sibírskeho Tigra, Slovakia(sanctuary supporting survival of endangered Siberian tigers)
  • From Boys 2 Men an Adventure in Paradise


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