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Linda Drabova,

professional LA fashion stylist and a native of Slovakia, lives in Los Angeles. Graduating from Matej Bel University in Slovakia with a degree in Finance, she worked for an investment company for six years. While being recognized as the best dressed woman at her firm, the honor rekindled her childhood memories including her mother’s work in the fashion industry. This included sewing, decorating, and having swatches and fabrics all over the home; complemented by Linda’s own passion of personal styling. In fact, Linda began styling at the age of 10 with her detailed planning and preparation of what she would wear along with a specific hairstyle. She ensured never wearing the same clothes in any two week period.

These memories encouraged Linda to enter the fashion industry in Slovakia by creating detailed business plans to open her own boutique called Haute Niveau. Shortly after, she moved to New York which allowed her to pursue her real passion of personal and fashion styling. To get in touch with the industry, she graduated from the Laboratory Institute of Merchandising in New York making the President’s List. The experience allowed her to meet and work with industry insiders including Professor, editor and stylist Adrianne Weinfeld-Berg, photographer Michael Creagh and fashion stylist Keith Washington who Linda assisted throughout 2006.

Linda started by assisting on editorials for magazines including Aventura, E&F, Victim, Dazed and Confused, And Man and PopLife while working with photographers Michael Creagh, Jonathan Kenyon, Lance Cheshire, Michele Civelli and Eric Hason. At the same time, she continued creating her own fashion portfolio and joined forces as a professional stylist mainly with photographers Spiros Poros, Kristiina Wilson, Anna Donovan, Marianna Rothen, Caroline Hoermann, Yoshiaki Sekine, Gary Lupton, David Surowiecki, Cameron Krone. These collaborations created editorials that appeared in magazines that included Mini Chicago, Trendsetter, Woman, Pink, Inspire, Cover, Fashion Quarterly, Factio and others. In fact, Linda contributes on a regular basis to magazines Mini and Inspire.

After moving to Los Angeles, Linda worked as an assistant to Los Angeles wardrobe stylist Miriam Sternoff at celebrity editorial photo shoots with actresses i.e. Kristin Cavallari, Alexi Gilmore, Navi Rawat and music video with Russian pop singer Dima Bilan and Miss Russia.

In addition, her styling appeared on the TV show Ugly Betty; as the cover of the show’s famous MODE magazine.

Besides her editorial contributions as a fashion stylist, Linda has a Fashion Soda spread in Inspire magazine along with a Sketch Into the Fashion spread about the latest fashion trends and advices. Having met people who have already made their mark in fashion or art history, Linda uses their inspiration to write articles on these individuals.

On the volunteer front, Linda donated her skills and passions to Czech Benefashion for the Helena Houdova Sunflower Children Foundation. The event included Miss World 2006 as a Guest of Honor. Other events included Slovak Fashion Night for Foundation Plus421. Linda brought the work of best Slovak designers to New York. Finally, she organized a fashion show benefiting Race For Survival, an event to support South Africa’s Cheetah Outreach. The show facilitated introducing new, up-and-coming New York designers. While Linda is creative at heart, these events also demonstrated her organizational and business prowess that gives her a distinct advantage to quickly understand the commerce side of styling.

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