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Linda Drabova - Contributor

Slovak Fashion Night

video article Member Spotlight - Stylist Linda Drabova


Slovak fashion

Full of impressions from fashion weeks in New York, London, Milan and Paris, I was excited in visiting the country of my origin, Slovakia, and seeing the fashion there. I actually wanted to buy something interesting; something that I did not see in New York. After a week in a capital of Slovakia and to my disappointment, I was not inspired by anything new.
Slovakia, as any other city in the world, is influenced by world fashion. The internet is a medium and a tool to look for the latest fashion trends. Fashion news is spread through the world quicker than it used to. As a result, the latest in fashion is available just about anywhere.
During my stay in Slovakia’s capital, Bratislava, I saw on a mass level a numbers of skinny jeans and short bomber jackets. I was nicely surprised when I found skeleton designed T-shirts in the stores. That is my definite must-have for this spring. Shopping with my friends, I advised them on what to buy and how to put a bit of edginess to their look. One of them bought my favorite skeleton T-shirt. New designer shops are appearing in the city as the result of growing economic buying power.
Within the fashion differences between Bratislava and New York, I noticed large contrasts in color. New York has adopted black as the “it” color much quicker than Bratislava. My friends noticed and were surprised by my black outfits and asked if somebody had died in my family. Black within fashion relates to sorrow and sadness in Slovakia. I spoke with a friend, a professional model, who did confirm that while it has taken time, black was slowing becoming more of a fashion statement.
When comparing Slovakian beauty tips to American beauty tips, I would say that Slovak women are similar to American women. Long healthy hair is a signature to many women. As a whole, I was happy to come back to my “home” in New York, to once again watch people in Soho wearing the latest fashion in their creative personal style. New York remains one of the fashion capitals in the world.

European & American touch in fashion industry

Writing about Slovakian fashion time gave me an idea to bring near the differences between American and European (actually French) touch in fashion and luxury.
As I mentioned in one of my articles before, fashion is a style popular at a given point in time. It can be expensive at the beginning of the product cycle, but cheap at the end of the cycle.
Luxury by contrast can have different interpretations depending on specific markets. As for American definition, luxury can include prestige, class distinction and brand name recognition. For the French, luxury can include quality or tradition. As a common generalization, luxury items are rare in that they give the individual a feeling of something special. Historically, luxury products were exclusive, hand made and very expensive. The new age luxury has a higher yet still affordable price.
Fashion in the US is mainly about branding and comfort. Notably, the first sportswear companies emerged in the US. Branding, more exactly, includes the promotion of philosophy, value and atmosphere. American companies and brands promote emotional desires in setting up their products prior to actual distribution (i.e. advertising for Michael Kors, see picture below). It is a part of a prestige goal to make the consumer feel belonging to an elite social group.
The symbolic place of business, the boutique, dramatises the story behind product and life style. American fashion and luxury is about vision and status rather than a tangible product.
The US Luxury market is value driven. Products are more mass targeted while being more relatively affordable (ex: Dior sunglasses, Gucci sunglasses, Armani flip - flops). Companies are “forced” to look for cheaper production and material costs and have focused overseas (mostly in China and India). For example, contemporary designer Diane Von Furstenberg produces her collection in both China and India.advertising_for_michael_korsParis is the capital of fashion and the place of haute couture. French fashion is more about style and sophistication. During my studies in Paris I saw much more fashion variety in Paris versus New York. Paris is a really creative place. The first and mostly all haute couture houses were founded here. Fashion in France is about the product, quality and elitism. They highlight the know-how. In comparison to American designers, French designers and boutiques sell the product first as opposed to focusing on product image and lifestyle (i.e. big LV suitcases at Avenue des Champs-Elysées, see picture below). Paris or France represents classic luxury fashion. This luxury is still not meant to be for everyone. Tradition and innovation define the core of the French luxury. French luxury includes enhancing the beauty of material, creativity and the detailed work behind it. French designers, in contrast to Americans, like to make their products in France (ex: clothing with Made in France labels). They are not necessarily looking for cheaper solutions.
The French symbolic place of business is the workroom. In addition, the boutique is more of a place to display their designs rather than selling them.lv_suitcasesLV suitcases at Avenue des Champs-Elysées, Paris. So fashionable Bees, here is my advise. When you travel to Paris, look for something new that you have not seen yet in New York. Otherwise, everything that you see in New York will be definitely more expensive in Paris.

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